“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being”



Our psychotherapy practice is based in Bombay, India and we work online with clients from around the world.

We espouse an integrative, trauma-informed, non-diagnostic approach to psychotherapy.

Dr. Natasha Thomas
Lead Psychotherapist and Counselling Psychologist
D.Psychotherapy, MSc., MSc., PG Dip.,B.A.
(University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow )
Ms. Rhea Kishnani
Mental Health Counselor
Ed.M., M.A., B.A.
(Columbia University)


Although, our office is closed for in-person sessions at this time during the Global COVID19 Pandemic,

we are working from home and offer online and telephone therapy services 

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What is Psychotherapy?

The term psychotherapy derives from Ancient Greek:   psyche (meaning “breath”, “spirit” or “soul”) and  therapeia (meaning, “healing” or “treatment”).

Psychotherapy is often called “talking therapy” and is a collaborative treatment process for emotional discomfort and distress based on the relationship between a client  and a psychotherapist. It provides a warm, supportive and confidential environment that allows you to talk openly with a qualified and experienced professional who is non-judgmental, empathic and authentic in their relationship with you… see more

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the mainstay of psychotherapy and the most recommended form of therapy for most forms of emotional distress. It is useful to explore and work with personal and interpersonal issues that you may be facing at depth, in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. A lot of the work of a therapist is in listening, attuning, attending and engaging with your experiences and your needs. This is done best on a one-to-one basis with a qualified and experienced therapist. In individual therapy, the therapist is best able to give you her fullest attention… see more

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy which helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction.

Couples therapy is beneficial for any romantic relationship, whether partners are married, engaged, dating or living together. It is helpful for younger and older couples as well as opposite or same-sex couples. It is beneficial for couples that are in arranged marriages or partnerships of their own choosing... see more

Online Counselling

We work online with clients all over the world. Counselling and Psychotherapy services are not easily available everywhere, with most professionals working in larger cities or only certain parts of the world. Also affordability of counsellors and mental health services differ widely from one area to the next. You may also be looking for a therapist with a particular skill set, theoretical orientation or background who may not be located close to you. Furthermore, there may be physical restrictions such as disabilities, immobility or other life circumstances that do not make it possible for you to visit a counsellor in person...see more

Professional Fees

The cost of an hourly session reflects the qualifications, specialisations and work experience of the therapist, within the framework of the typical rates in the city. Click here for more information.

Confidentiality and Ethics

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of good psychotherapeutic practice. At Soham, everything discussed with your therapist is confidential to the practice, with the notable exceptions of any material, which may cause harm to yourself or others… see more

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Training and Workshops

Details of training and workshops will be updated here

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801 Swastik Chambers, S. G. Brave Marg, Chembur, Mumbai -400088

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