Discreet / High Profile Therapy Services

We are committed to the BACP regulations of client confidentiality and safe practice as described in detail in the Confidentiality and Ethics Section. The privacy of our clients remains a cornerstone of our practice.

Nonetheless, we realise that for some clients, because of their visibility, prominence or position in the community, it is important that their decision to work with a psychotherapist be kept completely private. For some clients, simply an experience such as bumping into someone in the waiting room or meeting reception staff may have extreme consequences for their career or social standing.

We respect the desire to pursue the advantages of working with a highly qualified therapist with the utmost discretion. We have worked with high-profile clients to safeguard their therapy goals and their privacy. We will be happy to attend to and understand your specific needs to the best of our ability. We offer discreet therapy services for our high-profile clients, which includes special scheduling and other requirements. Please mention that you would like to discuss a Discreet / High Profile Therapy Service when you Contact us and we will be glad to give you more information about what we can offer.



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