Ms. Rhea Kishnani

Mental Health Counselor

I believe that growing and evolving to lead fuller, wholesome lives is key to one’s holistic health and well-being. Self-care, development and healing begin with learning about oneself – one’s morals, values, thoughts, emotions, experiences and aspirations. In my practice, I strive to adopt a cultural- relational framework that helps individuals explore their innate healing capacities along with examine various systemic factors that contribute to their support, safety, recovery and transformation.

With significant counseling and teaching experience in the United States, my clinical specializations involve working with issues around depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, life transitions, relationship issues, career exploration, empowerment and spiritual search for meaning-making. My eclectic approach draws from Gestalt techniques, behavioral tools from CBT/REBT modalities and is firmly rooted in rapport building, lending unconditional positive regard and establishing empathic connections. I work to balance these modalities to establish a positive therapeutic alliance that best fit with the clients’ needs and concerns. I believe I am a warm, compassionate and culturally sensitive clinician that hopes to create a non-judgmental, safe space for individuals to explore, introspect and evolve their inner and relational selves. In addition to my clinical work, I am a yoga and meditation practitioner for over 5 years. My passion for exploring alternative, spiritual healing practices facilitates me to incorporate mindfulness-based tools into my therapeutic work.

Professional Qualifications

Ed.M. Psychological Counseling (Teachers College, Columbia University)

M.A. Mental Health Counseling (Teachers College, Columbia University)

B.A. Psychology & Adolescent Mental Health (New York University)

Certificate in Mental Health First Aid Training (NYC National Council for Health)

Certificate in Understanding Addiction (Harvard University)

Certificate in Hatha Yoga Teaching, Level 1 & 2 (The Yoga Institute, India)

Professional Affiliations

Psi Chi Honor Society

Phi Beta Kappa

American Counseling Association

National Eating Disorder Association, New York

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